Remember to add new Boveda to your
cigar case before hitting the road.


Preserve your flower’s quality
and consistency with Boveda.


Boveda patented 2-way humidity control makes it easy for you to protect your wood instruments with precision.


Terpenes are critical to your enjoyment of smokable hemp. Only Boveda protects your terpenes from evaporation and degradation.


Place Boveda in jars and containers with ingredients apt to clump or become stale to keep those products fresher longer.


Farmers in the Emerald Triangle have roots that run deep, and a culture rife with tradition.


Boveda’s precise 2-way humidity control helps you protect your cigars, cannabis, musical instruments and other sensitive products, for maximum enjoyment—every time.


Man in field cultivating cannabis.


We understand that when it comes to business, it’s always personal. After all, every product represents your company name. Every item makes or breaks a reputation.

Knowing this, we created the original terpene shield to protect your inventory even long after it’s left your care. There’s nothing more important than your reputation which, incidentally, Boveda will protect as well.

Selection of various Boveda packs on a shelf.


Why carry Boveda in your shop? Tobacco Retailers tell us that Boveda helps them sell more cigars. Protect cigars in inventory. Simplify the cigar care conversation with buyers. And preserve the flavor of every cigar they sell.

Learn more directly from a retailer who uses Boveda to grow his cigar business. Click through, to watch the video, then apply to sell Boveda in your own store.


Use Boveda to protect the passions in your life, whether it’s your favorite terpene-rich cannabis or most valued guitar. Through our all-natural salt solution, you’re protected faster and for longer periods of time. Place a Boveda in your storage container and know with confidence that you’re doing everything you can to achieve excellence by preventing humidity fluctuations from degrading the things you love most.