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This legendary Midwest music store sprang from a guy’s gutsy resignation and a $2K investment in printed music. Now in its fifth generation, Schmitt Music Company is one of the oldest music retailers in the country. Owner Doug Schmitt discussed how musicians find instruments, lessons and repairs at Schmitt’s. And how to keep your strings out of the repair shop with proper humidity control, like Boveda.


Turn to Schmitt Music for band and orchestral instruments, lessons and accessories. Then care for those instruments with Boveda, the easy way to maintain an ideal humidity level for guitars, violins and more.


  • 14 LOCATIONS throughout the Minneapolis/St.Paul music scene, Minnesota and 6 other states


Parents turn to music stores like Schmitt to outfit musicians with instruments for school orchestras and bands. Busy with lessons, practices and performances, these young musicians can let good instrument care slip.

If students forget to keep instruments properly humidified in their cases, those instruments can crack, shrink, expand or warp. Bad news when you invest in an instrument.


  • Violins & violas
  • Cellos & string basses
  • Acoustic guitars & basses
  • Bassoons & clarinets
  • Ukuleles & mandolins

Repairing damage caused by humidity fluctuations can cost more than an instrument is worth. An instrument, like a vehicle, can be totaled if repairs exceed the value of the instrument.

Maintaining humidity control in an instrument case is often messy and time consuming. Filling hoses and sponges with distilled water is just one more thing musicians (or their parents) must manage.

Nowadays, musicians favor automatic 2-way humidity control, Boveda. Humidification packets add or remove moisture as needed to maintain the ideal relative humidity level in an instrument’s closed case.

Just slip Boveda in its cloth holders and put them inside an instrument case. Boveda regulates humidity by itself. There is nothing else to add. And when Boveda gets hard and crunchy, it’s time to replace.

Repairing damage caused by humidity fluctuations can cost more than an instrument is worth.

Pick up a Boveda Starter Kit and Replacements whenever you shop for musical instruments, including Schmitt Music Company.