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Leaving your guitar out of its case—even overnight—can sometimes do some serious damage. Depending on the humidity level of the air around your instrument, your guitar could be subjected to the lowest RH lows or the highest RH highs. (Talk about having the Blues!)

Humidity swings can rock the fine-tuned mechanics of your wooden guitar. Hear how the fear of totaling yet another guitar and the loathing of sponges and distilled water, led pro musician Matt Berry to Boveda. Now this lead music pastor at Eagle Brook Church will never trust his guitars to anything but Boveda’s 2-way humidity control.





  • Sharp fret ends
  • Excessive neck relief
  • Fret buzz
  • Cracking



Matt Berry puts his energy into prepping, practicing and performing for the many services at Eagle Brook Church, a 2,100-seat worship space at its Lino Lakes, Minnesota, locale. (It’s one of six campuses for Eagle Brook, currently the largest church in Minnesota.) Part of Eagle Brook’s draw is how it mashes up church, comfort and culture. The music has everything to do with that. Most of the singers and musicians, along with Matt, have professional cred. They share their talents through music about real life.

Hewitt Studios - Guitar CasesIt’s not a bad gig for Matt who also owns Hewitt Studios, which he opened in 2005. At Hewitt, Matt has created a professional, but home-like, recording facility where serious artists can come to produce their music affordably.

As a professional musician and producer, Matt realizes the importance of taking care of his guitars and advises other musicians to do the same. “You invest in your instruments. They’re an investment of your profession—what you do,” Matt explained.



Matt likes that Boveda take the hassle out of protecting his investments. In specially designed guitar saddlebags, Boveda packets hang in the sound hole of the guitar and tuck around the neck. Boveda takes it from there—adding and absorbing moisture to lock in a precise 49% RH.

Boveda Science


For Matt and many other musicians, gone are the days of letting sponges go dry or over humidifying their guitars with drippy hoses.

“We’re musicians, so we forget about that stuff,” Matt said. “We’re thinking about the song we’re working on.”

So whether your instrument is crafted from Indian rosewood, sitka spruce, Hawaiian Koa or any other type of wood, Boveda will keep your guitar at an ideal 49% RH. And thank heavens, Boveda is so easy to use. When the packets become hard and crunchy, that’s when you replace them.

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